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  1.                                 重庆市丽都房地产开发有限公司,创建于2000年,成长于重庆,全面向全国发展,是一家追求卓越、专注品质、注重细节的地产公司,业务领域涉及房地产开发、物业服
    Founded in 2000, Chongqing LIDU Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. has been fully developed from Chongqing to the whole country. It is a real estate company that pursues excellence, focuses on quality and pays attention to details, with businesses covering real estate development, property service, commercial storage, gas station and sightseeing tourism. With the concept of “creating beauties by heart”, the company has been forging ahead and has become a modern enterprise with abundant capital, complete management and advanced operation system after continuous and stable development for many years. It has gained respect and praise from clients, partners, industry players and government. It was listed as one of the top 50 real estate enterprises of Chongqing in 2009.
    Combined with actual situation, the company has strengthened the establishment of modern enterprise system and gradually set up and perfected a set of scientific and reasonable organization frame and advanced effective management system, and gained the authentication of IS9000 quality management successfully. Coordinated with the rapid growth, LIDU has attracted excellent senior talents from various industries by providing competitive salaries and perfect individual development plan and thus has formed an enriched management team.
    Over the years, LIDU has been sticking to undertaking social responsibilities as an outstanding enterprise and actively participating in social public welfares and urban renewal development. It has contributed its efforts to the society by donation, donating money for education, fighting natural calamities and providing disaster relief. The company has constructed many projects such as “Qi Long LIDU”, “D District of Qi Long Clothing” and “Auxiliary Project of Qi Long Clothing City”. Qi Long Clothing City is a comprehensive development project integrated with clothing factories and relevant industries, logistics management and commercial services. It was successively awarded “Urban Industrial Park (Building)” by People’s Government of Banan District and “Chongqing Qi Long Clothing Urban Industrial Park” by Chongqing Municipal People's Government.
    Nowadays, taking the task of creating a new Banan as its own responsibility, the company has developed real estate development projects of “LIDU Jincheng” and “LIDU Shopping Mall” which are integrated with residential and commercial buildings. With the total building area of about 500,000 square meters, it is a modern fashionable large-scale comprehensive community integrated by 16 high-rise residential buildings and commercial blocks of 159,000 square meters. These projects are near to urban expressway and Line 3 of light rail, so the traffic is convenient. The company regards “exploring innovation and pursuing excellence” as the enterprise spirit and holds “honesty-based and efficiency-oriented” as the management concept. It is determined to make still further progress under the guidance of scientific development prospective and supports from governments at all levels and relevant functional departments so as to make greater contribution to the development of harmonious society.